Reading Email at Midnight Proves Useful – SQL Server 2008 July CTP is Now Available

Most folks that know me also know that I tend to work rather late.  Well past midnight most nights.  It's not that I am a workaholic but there is that 11pm to 2am sweet spot when the kids are asleep and you can focus on whatever it is you need to do.  Last night, while going through my email I got a new message indicator in Outlook 2007 that immediately caught my eye.  It was from the folks at and it said that the July CTP (Community Technology Preview) of SQL Server 2008 was now available.  Woo hoo!! 

I logged on to and logged in with my Windows Live ID and started the download process right away.  There were bits for x86 (32-bit), x64 (64-bit) and IA64 (Itanium) but I just got the x86 and x64 ones.  I also got the release notes and install guide and found out that there was this really cool graphic showing what is new in the July CTP and what was there in the June CTP.  There is also a lot of resources, solution-based info, and technical resources at the SQL Server 2008 landing page on the Microsoft web site.

To download the July CTP and check out all the cool features go to and download the bits.  It promises to be hours of fun and enjoyment if you are a data-oriented individual like me.  Let me know what you think of it and what your favourite new or improved feature is by leaving a comment.

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  1. ye110wbeard says:


    You’ve gone and done it.  I’m just finally getting a few minutes this summer to play with SQL 2005 Express (Yeah us poor guys are quite behind the times)

    Now I’m going to have to go and download 2008.   Oooo..oooo…. I’m just going to have to do some crazy blog about this….

    And you’re right… 11pm – 2am is the sweet spot.  No noise, and you can actually watch the TV shows you want and read without noise.

    Unfortunately the getting back up at 6am is a bit of a chore after doing that… 😉

  2. DamirB says:

    Sean, thanks for the comment but I don’t understand one part of it.  What is this 6am you speak of?  I think the earliest I ever got up (assuming I went to sleep the night before) was around 7am, and only when on tour as we need to set up in order to make the event rock for everyone.  6am?  Does not compute.


  3. ye110wbeard says:

    7 am… 7 am … is… .is … *GASP* EARLY?

    Damir! You are my Hero!    

    So exactly what is a "Normal Hour" to get up old friend … old chum… old buddy buddy… B)

    I want your job… 🙂 Can’t HAVE it but want it… B)

  4. ye110wbeard says:

    By the way… you have to say "Does not Compute" like the robot in "Lost in Space" in order to be allowed to use the phrase.

    Dr. Smith does not Run SQL.  Dr. Smith is running a Macintosh.  

    Run Dr. Smith Run… STOP…

    5 Remarkable what a rem statement can hold

    10 Print "Dr. Smith is Weenie ";

    20 goto 10

  5. Danieln says:

    Sean, you SLEEP!?!?! With the amount of cafeien flowing through I thought that would be impossible!

  6. ye110wbeard says:

    Small note to everybody.  When you’re downloading the 900 meg file and it’s “almost there”, don’t forget to plug in the laptop into the AC outlet…

  7. ye110wbeard says:

    Daniel.  Yes I know it’s an odd concept.   The madman actually sleeps.   Kids do that do you… 🙂

    Damir.   Ok, I’m no SQL expert (not even a good amateur!) But what are some of the key differences between 2005 and 2008?

    Can it answer questions before I ask?  (bad question but you get the idea)

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