[Funnies] Theme Songs

Sean Kearney has taken a musical approach to this weeks funnies.  Caution I couldn't get the Addams' Family song out of my head for days! 

CanITPro Theme Song

Sung to the Addams' family. circa 60's

They're nerdy and they're geeky,
Twisted and kinda freaky,
The jokes they say are cheeky,
The Can IT Pro team.

There's Damir and Rod and Ricky,
Barnaby's kinda tricky,
John is really picky,
the Can IT Pro team.


Don't forget or dare we?
There's Ruth and then there's Kerri,
They're quiet as a canary.
The Can IT Pro team

Damir's Theme Song

Sung to the "Spiderman" theme song

SQL man, SQL man,
Protects the data however he can,
Mirrors it all for redundancy,
Servers flip over so easily,
Look Out!
Here comes the SQL Man.
Is he smart?
Listen dude,
He eats scripts For his food.
Data crashes cannot be.
He's got Raid 10 redundancy
Whoa now
There goes the SQL man
When the indexes go
in the middle of the night
He can rebuild them all
Right at the speed of light
SQL man, SQL man
Spreads data throughout the land
Defrags tables When he's bored
Stability is his reward.
For him, data is not allowed to hang up
Whenever that table's not up
You'll find the SQL man!

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