Are You A Canadian Blogger?

I read a lot of blogs, technology, sports, entertainment and anything else I find interesting.  It is how I keep up with what is going on and with people I know.  I find blogs to be a great way to find out what the word on the street is as most of the blogs I read are not corporate blogs, but are written by regular people.  This is especially true for IT related blogs because as an IT Pro Advisor I always want to know what IT Pro's really think 🙂

I believe buried somewhere in all those IT Pro's across Canada there are some great blogs.  I know of a few, such as my baby now being run by MVP Dan Nerenberg, another MVP Mitch Garvis has one, so does Jason Miller in Winnipeg.  As we start off a new fiscal year we have our intern Mark Z. working hard on a new theme for the blog to fix some things based on feedback we have gotten (I can't wait to use all my screen real estate 🙂 ) and one thing I am going to add is a link list for Canadian bloggers.

So if you are....

a) Canadian (living abroad is fine, so is an ex-pat living in Canada)

b) Have a blog

c) Want to share your URL

Send me an email via the Email page and I'll be sure to add it to the list and to my RSS reader!

Comments (3)

  1. ye110wbeard says:

    I’m an evil half-Canadian half-American.   Does that count?

  2. ye110wbeard says:

    Not me.  I’m an evil half-American not-quite-Canadian who spends WAY too much time buggin certain IT Pro teams.  

    I need a more productive hobby, like juggling Poutine.

  3. Michael Khanin says:

    Hi Rod. It’s Michael from Israel. At September i’ll be a Canadian Bloger :), so, i have a English version of my site

    I’ll be a very happy, if you add my site to your list.

    Best Regards,



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