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On the recent Future of the Server Room tour Rick and I tried something different and allowed attendees to email or text their questions in throughout the day.  It was quite successful as we got over 200 text messages and 50 emails over the 5 stops.  I've compiled a list of the most popular questions along with the answers just in case you missed it!

Q. What is the name of the zoom and background utility you guys use?

A. The zoom tool is called ZoomIt and it is available at and the background tool is called BGInfo and you can get that at


Q. Does Microsoft have a reference of all the command line utilities as I think I'll need an update after seeing Server Core!

A. Yes there is a Command Line Reference here. (Thanks Sean!)  There is also a free PowerShell book you can download here along with some demofiles.


Q. What happens if the NAP client is not installed/configured/disabled/not working?

A. In the NAP configuration there are options you can set on the action to take.  By default any problems with the NAP client or the health validation will dump the computer into the restricted network.


Q.  Is there a NAP client for XP and/or 2003?

A. There is a NAP client for XP SP2 currently in beta.  No decision has been made for 2003 yet.


Q. What happens if I use a static IP (with NAP)?

A. Rick demoed DHCP based NAP which is the simplest form of NAP.  We could not demo the more secure methods that use RADIUS or 802.1x but there is a webcast by the NAP team you can watch that goes deeper into NAP including 802.1x.  You can watch that here.


Q. How can I prevent users from messing with the NAP client settings?

A. Easy, take away their admin rights 🙂


Q. You mentioned an improvement to clustering in 2008, what was that?

A. Windows Server 2008 will support geo-clustering which allows you to build a cluster over WAN links.


Q. You mentioned a 30 server limit in System Center Essentials.  Does this include VMs?

A. No it is 30 agents on server OSes.  As we mentioned in the licensing part you only need an agent on the host server, not the VMs.


Q. Does Server Core support USB devices and other removable storage?

A. Yes


Q. Does NAP work via a VPN?

A. For a VPN connection you would use the already available Network Access Quarantine.


Q.  Are there any printing improvements to TS in Server 2008?

A. Yes, Server 2008 introduces a feature called Easy Print and you can read more about it on the TS Team Blog.


Q. What OS are supported for P2V and V2V migrations?

A. Currently only Windows Server OS (200x) are supported for the beta.


Q. Where does Rodney buy his shoes?

A. Unfortunately the company that makes the shoes was bought out and the new owners dropped that style.  You can still find them around in the odd shoe store or on eBay 🙂


Q. Finally the most popular question!  When is Server 2008 going to RTM?

A. The end of 2007 🙂

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  1. Joe Davies says:

    Great post!

    In Windows Server 2008, Vista and XP NAP supports the following enforcement methods:



    Terminal Server Gateway (TSG)



    Cisco NAP/NAC

    A common misconception out there is NAP is based solely upon DHCP. This is FALSE! Any NAP you want to do, we will do! :->

    NAP the WORLD in 2007,

    Jeff Sigman

    NAP Release Manager *

    * Remove the "online" to actually email me.

    ** This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

  2. PhilipE says:


    Thanks for that Rodney. It was worth the trip down to Calgary from Edmonton!

    Philip E.

    MPECS Inc.

  3. ye110wbeard says:

    That’s interesting on the Zoom part.  I actually thought for a moment there you were using the "Zoom" option on the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000.   Neat.

    Yep.  Found that one out completely by accidently.   Left click, back a page.  Bumped mouse…. Zooom!

    Two reactions.

    "Neat!" and "How do I turn this on/off again".

    By the way.   What was simply impressive was the Bluetooth receiver.  It was Native to Vista unless my Dlink receiver.   Both had drivers but the Microsoft one was actually USABLE in the setup.  (Other brand we shall not speak of wasn’t, involved a ‘keyboard in the back’)

    I know it’s not THAT much of a shocker but native Bluetooth support is a bit of a rarity.

  4. Marco Shaw says:

    Regarding server core… Currently beta 3 does *not* support PowerShell *on the server*.  You cannot install the .NET framework on server core.  I’ve not seen anything from Microsoft to indicate that server core will ever support PowerShell…

    To brush up on server core "scripting", this is a really good webcasts by Mark Minasi:

    You can however use PowerShell in a remote fashion: you can use it to do WMI queries and the like to a server core system.  I assume you can also do ADSI related stuff.

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