Energize IT Wrap Up


Energize IT was a success!

· Number of Attendees:                                1,483

· Number of Sponsors:                                   21

· Number of Sessions:                                    39

· Number of Tracks:                                       8

· Number of Hands on Labs:                          3

· Amount Raised for Charity:                         $3,386

 “This was probably one of the best conference's I have been to ever in my Career and that says a lot because I have been to two Techmentor and one Exchange\Windows Connections conference.”

Pasquale Pescatore – Energize IT Attendee 2007

On Saturday June 16th almost 1500 members of the Canadian IT community came together to help IT Professionals, Developers, Designers and Enthusiasts energize their careers and stay ahead of the curve. The day truly was dedicated to the individual, regardless of skill level, job role or experiences there was something for everyone who attended.  Energize IT was the cap to a great year for both the MSDN and TechNet teams. It also provided a platform for key product messaging and was an integral part of the “You’re in control” Canadian Launch. A very big thank you to all those involved in making this day happen with a special thanks to the guest speakers, HOL volunteers and event staff.  Another special thanks to Phil Sorgen for his help around this day!

A big thank you to the Energize IT Sponsors as well....

Gold Level

· Dell

· ObjectSharp

· HP/ProCurve


· SentryMetrics

· Nitro Microsystems

· Legend Corp

· Lanworks

Silver Level 


· Windows Live

· Microsoft Human Resources

· Nexient

· Compugen

· SecTor

· TechSmith

Bronze Level

· Rackforce

· DevTeach

· HP

· Nikon

· Bullfrog Power

You can view photos from the day at the Flickr sets from a number of the team members:


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us and be sure to check out the resource site at www.energizeit.ca !

Comments (5)

  1. Pasquale says:

    This was by far the best Microsoft event or for that matter the best conference I have been to in my 11 year career.  

    I have been two TechMentor Conferences twice and I have made relationships with brilliant individuals such as  Bill Boswell (Now a Microsoft Consultant), Roberta Bragg and Jeremy Moskowitz.

    I was fortunate enough to attend Windows ConnectionsExchnage Connections in the fall of 2006 and I finally met the most brilliant man who knows knows Exchange and that was Tony Redmond.  Tony is a very brilliant and fantastic guy and he has a great team!

    To be honest I meant what I said that Energize IT was a fantastic event becuase I was able to meet brilliant individauls like Rod Buike, Rick Claus, Demir Bersinic, Jeff Ewin, Barnaby Jeans, Bruce Cowper, Byron Surace, Robert Buren, Stephen Ibaraki and most importantly Phil Sorgen President of Microsoft Canada.  

    This is a dream event for us Canadians becuase it’s hard to get educational budgets to get accomodations and air fare to the US as well as the cost of the conference.  Why bother going to the US when we have brilliant minds with the same or better content in Canada!

    Energize IT rocked and I was proud to be part of it!  Keep up the good work Microsoft!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Rodney has posted a quick summary of EnergizeIT over on the Canadian IT Pro blog . There are some really

  3. ye110wbeard says:

    All kidding aside, I thought it was truly a blast.   Not only did I get to have my hands on some of the newer technology and "meet the geeks", it was also amazing for an ordinary guy like me to meet some of the "gods of Redmond".  (Maybe an overstatement?  You like baseball?   You get goosebumps if you meet your favorite players; same with me!)

    The swag is always a nice touch too… 😉

  4. Edward Letendre says:

    I have been hoping to see the video or podcasts of the Energize IT event, especially the video from the SQL Server 2008 presentation.  It has been a few weeks but nothing has been posted at the portal site as of yet.

  5. Rodney Buike says:

    Hi Edward,

    The videos are coming!  It ususally takes a week or so to get our regular tour videos up but this time we have video from 8 tracks that needs post production work.  I hope you can hang on a bit longer!

    Rodney Buike

    IT Pro Advisor

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