Energize IT – Are you registered?

Energize IT '07 is less than 24 hours away!  Have you registered at www.energizeit.ca? Yes, great, we have a great line up and it is going to be a fantastic day filled with fun, networking, technical talks, learning, labs and did I mention fun?

So what about if you are not registered?  Well if you aren't head over to www.energizeit.ca and register.  No web connection?  Well a) how are you reading this? and b) JUST SHOW UP!  We got lots of room and if you show up we won't be turning you away!

I am so excited and hoping to see you all there!

Comments (3)

  1. nick says:

    You guys rock!! I’m at the Energize IT event now!!!

  2. wcraddock says:

    So, there was a pre-day gathering of the user group heads from across Canada. One of the messages, and big discussion points was around knowing your audience.

    Saturday morning, prior to the big keynote we had the priviliage of having breakfast with Phil Sorgen , President of Microsoft Canada and one of the attendees did not take this to heart. He initiates a conversation with Phil with no knowledege of who is speaking with and asks what his role in Microsoft is. Embarrased to find he was the big dog.

    So, the take away is……know your audience…..and this applies to IT Pro how you may ask? We all have meetings and presentations as part of our work, and knowing how to get the message to the people requires us to know the people in the room.

    Will Craddock


    Regina IT Pro UG

  3. ye110wbeard says:

    I’m still trying to clear all the sparks and smoke from my brain!

    WHEW!  That was intense!

    So next year you’re going to just supply us with direct electronic implants into the arms?

    Any chance we might get to see those cool new screens SuperSQL man from Redmond was telling me about?   Glass see thru but it’s a monitor?

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