Energize IT Pro Track Preview

So a while back I mentioned how excited I was about Energize IT '07 as this is the culmination of a wild year personally.  Rick mentioned yesterday that Energize is a little like the TechEd of the North in a way.  I've been put in charge with the IT Pro track and we have a pretty cool lineup.

Good friend of mine, MVP and the president of MITPRO, Dan Nerenberg is going to be delivering a session on SoftGrid Application Virtualization.  There was a lot of interest in this on the recent Future of the Server Room tour and I've seen this session and am thrilled with what Dan has put together.  I've also got Brian Bourne from CMS Consulting and TASK talking about rootkits, Don Vilen from Redmond coming up to talk about SQL Server Codename Katmai and two speakers coming up from Redmond to deliver a session on Unified Communications.

In speaking with all these people I asked them all to put the focus on demos and I am excited that they all agreed.

If you haven't registered yet (what are you waiting for?) I'd urge you to do so ASAP as registration is skyrocketing.  You can find out more about the IT Pro track as well as the rest of the tracks, hands-on labs and anything else Energize related (including registration) at www.energizeit.ca

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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    This is better than Christmas!  4 days to go!  4 days to go! Woohoo!

  2. Based on your comments so far – I take it you are coming down to the event?

    You have to make sure to identify yourself to me – the guy with the hat. I have to meet ya man. You are hilarious in print.


    IT Pro Advisor

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