EnergizeIT 2007 – TechEd of the north?

I was asked this the other day by an IT Pro who had just finished visiting the registration page and registering for the event. Hummm... well... sort of, but not really. Let me explain.

Last year - the guys on my team of community IT Pro Advisors came up with the idea of a day to celebrate your geekness and technology with a community angle. After much discussion, refinement and involvement of a LOT of other people our extended team from all over Microsoft Canada - things came to pass and EnergizeIT was created.  Because the Developer, IT Pro, Student and Technology Hobbyist communities got together and bought into the idea with such numbers - we had to do it again this year - but Bigger and Better. The descriptive paragraph on the landing page says it all...

Join us for an action packed day of innovation, technology, community, and learning. Re-energize your IT career and your IT passion. If you are an IT professional, developer, designer, student or simply a geek at heart, this day is dedicated to you!

We had a v-team update meeting yesterday and all systems are go. I am so excited!  I have a couple of roles to play this year.

  • I get to be on the main stage as a traffic cop / excitement generator / MC for the keynote speakers.
  • I get to walk about as a roving reporter / videographer (is that a word?) throughout the day.
  • I am responsible for orchestrating the three Hands On Labs (System Centre Operations Manager, Systems Center Configuration Manager and Forefront Client Security).

So is this a TechEd of the north? I guess you can say - sort of... but it's really much more and reaches a broader community. It's distinctly Canadian, organized by Canadians that are passionate about all things technology.

Have to checked it out and registered? It's FREE... www.energizeit.ca will get you to the details page. Register TODAY if you haven't already - it's well worth it.

Oh - you can also join the Facebook Event or the ongoing Facebook group. Come to think about there is a twitter page you can use to message and keep up to date as the event unfolds and even share your photos LIVE using Flickr. More on these "social media" on an upcoming post - check for the tag EnergizeIT...

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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    Countdown to EnergizeIT 2007.  Things to do and remember.

    1.  Start playing with every free downloadble VHD from Microsoft.  Geek self upon applications until brain explodes.   Or evolves.   Whichever comes first.

    2.  Search house for all free Microsoft goodies to dress self up like a Microsoft guru.  Or at least feel like one.

    3.  Spend hours teaching self upon pain of electrocution that it is called "Windows Server 2008" and not the "L" word.

    4.  Try to find some toys that work on Windows Mobile 2003 se to impress Microsoft guys.  Note.  Emulators are cool.  Pinball is OK.

    5.  Start memorizing every "Mac" and "Linux" joke on the planet.

    6.  Search internet for some leaked Beta or Alpha (or some letter of the Alphabet!) for Duke Nukem Forever.  

    7.  Set alarm for 4am.  Must be sure to be at doors of Convention Centre and first in line for Office 2007.

    8.  Pay for Vista ultimate and get PC upgraded.   Not geeky enough unless the O/S is Bitlocked with full lockdown.   Even if it’s just me in the basement.

    9.  Note.  Must join kids workstations to test Domain.  Must policy lock the teenagers workstations to see just how little I can leave them to do.

    10.  Must print and bind self confession for Microsoft guys.   Maybe autograph.  Someday they can sell it on "eBay" and buy Bill Gates. (No offense sir!)

    11.  Pray Mr. Gates is there to autograph my copy of "Bob".

    12.  Load "Doom" on the iPod.   Just cuz.

    13.  Start memorizing acronyms to "out geek" the geeks.  (Won’t work.  Send this idea to /dev/null)

    14.  Gets lots of sleep the previous night!  It’s going to be a long and exciting day!  WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So a while back I mentioned how excited I was about Energize IT ’07 as this is the culmination of a wild

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m looking forward to attending the FREE EnergizeIT at Metro Toronto Convention Centre this Saturday and just wanted to let everyone know about it.

    Have to checked it out and registered? Did I mention it’s FREE!! Video: Barnaby Jeans on..

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