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Dan Nerenberg (Montreal, Quebec, IT Pro)

I got this post from my friend Dan at the Montreal IT Pro Community Group about Energize IT.  He was there last year as an attendee and he is back this year only I've managed to get him a speaking spot 🙂


Get in gear and get out to Energize IT!

First full disclosure I’m presenting a session at Energize IT, and I’m really excited about it. I really hope to meet you guys there!

The TechNet team has posted about the upcoming Energize IT on June 16th.  For those of you who are on the fence about coming down I just wanted to let you know how amazing last year’s Energize IT was. There was great live tech demos, Amazing speakers presenting great technical sessions. There was a Vista Beta Install fest right on the main floor. I even helped one guy install Vista on his MacBook. There were even cool T-shirts proclaiming your geekness to the masses.

Most important were the new friends I made, and the people I met. If you’re someone who wants to know about the value of an event like Energize IT the first thing you need to know about is the potential to meet new and interesting people. At Every presentation I sat next to someone who as passionate about technology as I was. We instantly had great conversations about Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, which Cell providers we were using, how we deployed different technologies I could go on, but the key point to remember is that it’s all about community, sharing knowledge, and having a good time.

The ripple effect from this event for me was huge. From contacts I met at this event I have gotten offered all sorts of interesting opportunities. I made lasting friendships, both business level and personal. Most of all I came away with a renewed energy that I could channel back into my own IT community. Energize IT really did Energize my passion. Just thinking about this year’s event I can feel my excitement levels rise.

For those coming in from long distances it’s well worth the trek. I am coming in from Montreal for the second year in a row, and for me it’s worth it! (As an aside if you are based in Montreal check out www.mitpro.ca to see about car pools and travel deals. We are trying to get a big Montreal contingent together!)

I hope to see you all there!

Oh and you can register for Energize IT '07 today!


Daniel Nerenberg is an MCT,MVP,MCSE,MCST and an independent consultant based in Montreal. He is also the president of the Montreal IT pro user group (http://www.mitpro.ca).  Daniel is passionate about technology and the amazing problems that can be solved with its application. Driven by the desire to see cool technology bring people together in global and local communities he is always ready to learn about the next big thing.

Daniel Also writes regular updates for "The Lazy Admin" Tech guidance web site. www.thelazyadmin.com

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    So a while back I mentioned how excited I was about Energize IT ’07 as this is the culmination of a wild

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