SQL Server and .NET Coffee Break Tutorials Available Online

I recently got an email from Ralph Shillington, an MCT and former colleague, on a new resource that he is making available on the web.  His company, iFoundTime Inc. is posting a series of SQL Server and .NET tutorials online and is also asking for your input on what else you want to see.  While Ralph is more developer than IT Pro these days, I think the various tutorials he has posted could be of interest to all. 

Here is the text of the email that he sent me, with links to the videos.

What would go perfectly with your next cup of coffee that might make you even smarter than you already are?  Introducing …    Coffee Break Tutorials.

I’m happy to announce a grand experiment now happening at iFoundTime Inc.  Over the course of the next few months, I will be releasing 1 or 2 short SQL Server and .NET training videos per day at http://www.ifoundtime.com/community.  The content is provided in both streaming and download format, and includes sample code in attached ZIP files.  Each video will be between 3 and 10 minutes in length – entirely suitable for a single coffee break.
As you may know I have a great passion for teaching, and while there is no substitute for the kind of face-to-face dialogue that is typical of my training classes, I am convinced that these short tutorials will make an excellent supplement in your overall professional development plan.

Now is the time to submit requests for specific topics in these tutorials.  Don’t be shy about your request being too simple or complex – from Relational Engine to Reporting Services, Notification to Integration, and of course anything from the .NET framework (1.x, 2.0, 3.0) – it’s all fair game.  Drop a line to ralph@ifoundtime.com and include Community Content Suggestion in the subject line.

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