[Guest Blogger] Another Proud IT Professional

Simon Collier (Edmonton, Alberta, IT Pro)

IT Professionalism

A week or so ago I posted a question on this blog as to why you are proud to be an IT professional.  I got this email from Simon and wanted to share it in it's entirety with you.


While we battle the frustrations that come with managing an IT infrastructure, we understand that we are part of a community that is still growing, still learning, still evolving and getting better all the time.

Yes, there are egos. Yes, there are differences in business models. Yes, there are complications with intellectual property versus community spirit.

Despite all of this though, we are still moving forward. Every week we hear about a new exciting technology on the horizon that will change how we do business for the better. Every day we build something, install something or adapt something that helps remove somebody's frustration in their job. Every hour we find a forum where somebody has helped a complete stranger with an obscure problem. Every minute we use a feature that was designed to make our lives easier, less frustrating, more fun and more productive.

IT is notorious for its Pros having disagreements in how to best address a problem, or present a solution. That might be Windows versus Linux, Vista versus XP, or Word versus Publisher. Ultimately though, that friction, that debate, is there for one reason:

We all just want to make the world a better place the only way we know how.


Simon Collier is a Network Administrator for a department at the University of Alberta, with a focus on Microsoft servers. His current favourite time-saving technologies are Windows Mobile 5, Desktop Search, greylisting and Office 2007.

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