Introducing RunAs Radio

Here at the Canadian IT Professionals blog we've been doing what Rick likes to call "Commando Podcasts" in which we grab someone turn on the recorder and have a quick chat about a (hopefully) interesting topic.  A lot of you may listen to more "professional" podcasts such as .NET Rocks or TWiT and i am happy to say that there is now an IT pro focused weekly online radio show (aka podcast) being produced by the same talented group the brings you .NET Rocks.

The first show was posted online today and features Patrick Hynds who talks about storage technologies, the challenges being faced, and how some of those issues are being addressed.  If you read my earlier post from my visit to CHUM or are in a situation where data growth is climbing fast yuo should tune in and take a listen to what Patrick has to say.

RunAs Radio Webpage

RunAs Radio HTTP Feed (WMA)

RunAs Radio BitTorrent Feed (WMA)

There are plenty of other feeds for different audio fomats on the home page as well.

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