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In the past two weeks you've seen a lot of guest blog posts and such about proud to be an IT professional.  I wanted to know what people thought about their careers and was happy with the responses I got.  We also get a few guest bloggers on various topics and I really love the fact that there are some people who like to contribute to this blog because we truly believe it is your blog to share your knowledge and experience and connect back to us, the IT Pro Advisors, and with the rest of the IT pro community across Canada.

Occastionally, like the Proud to be an IT Professional series, we even have some stuff to give out to those who contribute.  Well I got more stuff!  I have a supply of limited edition Community Team golf shirts and you can get one quite easily, simply email me the following

  • A blog post to be posted in either
  • A 2-3 sentance bio on yourself
  • Your mailing address
  • Your shirt size

The blog post should be between 300-500 words (approximately 1/2 to one full page in Word) and this little offer will run until I run out of shirts!  In case you need more reason, here is a picture of the shirt!

 community team

Feel free to email me ahead of time to let me know your ideas!

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