Proud to be an IT Pro!

YES!  I am proud to be an IT professional!  Scream it out loud with me!


Feels good doesn't it?  You want to know why I am proud to be an IT professional?  Well let's see...

  1. Meeting the constant challenge of changing technologies

  2. Making an impact on the world implementing new technologies

  3. Ensuring my business runs smooth by managing the technology

  4. Expanding my knowledge to keep my skills up to date

  5. Learning new skills to increase my value

  6. It is a heck of a lot of fun!!!

That is the short list, I could go on but I want to know what makes you proud to be an IT professional and in order to encourage contributions to this blog I got some swag to give away!  Email me, let me know what makes you proud to be an IT Professional.  I just cleaned my office and found a lot of stuff I can give away including the following

  • Windows Live OneCare subscription

  • Groove 2007 subscription

  • TechNet backpack

  • Vista Business Edition

I have multiples for some of these (including the Vista Business) and the more contributions I get, the more prizes I will make available.  Again, email me why you are proud to be an IT pro, you just may end up with some cool swag or better

Comments (1)

  1. KomatoZo says:

    I have to place my signature under every point you say… =)

    And to add my:

    7) Helping people to fight their problems

    8) Being able to fight my problem by myself

    To be continued? =)

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