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OK, so I've heard through the world wide IT Pro Advisor network about the special announcement we will be making.  To give you an idea of how long this project has been in the works, it has take over 12 years to get to this stage.  I was in career one of my life, cell phones where the size of bricks and Bill Gates invested in a company called Teledisc. 

 "The Teledisc Network, which Bill Gates is backing, is scheduled to go into service in 2002. It will provide two-way broadband connections for voice, data, video conferencing and high performance internet access. It is expected to be up to 2000 times faster than today’s analogue modems and to support millions of simultaneous users. If Teledisc is successful it will revolutionise global communication and will further stimulate the development of multimedia applications." (

One of the IT Pro Advisors in France, Damien Caro, has posted some more information about this technology from a news clip from 1995.  What is really cool is a new technology called Windows Rally.  Rally is a set of technologies that allow "network-connected devices with an architecture that enables effortless setup, more secure and manageable connectivity to other devices and computers, and rich end-user experiences."

So what is the big deal?  Well take a new technology for network connected devices, and a satellite network, put them to gether and shake gently.  What do you get?  The next best thing in networked computing (IMHO).  Sure whe have wi-fi, we have GSM, EVDO etc...... but getting them to work together, that has been tough.  With these two technologies we blow past that.  Imagine streaming video from your webcam to your friends and family on their cell phone?  Connecting an external hard drive on your desk to a co-workers PC on the other side of the world without having to plugh that drive into anything but power.  The options are near unlimited.  This is truly going to change the way we network not only our PCs, but all the other devices we use.

You can find out all the details on Damien's blog here.  Great job on getting this information to use Damien!

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  1. Don Spencer says:

    OK, it’s April Fools’ Day. I’ve followed all the links and I get the distinct feeling my leg is being pulled out through the Window. What say you, Rodney?

  2. Rodney Buike says:

    🙂 April Fool’s Day 🙂  Hope you liked it!

    Rodney Buike

    IT Pro Trickster

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don Spencer (Waterloo, ON, IT Manager of Pano Cap Canada ) I guess I deserved it. Last week, I pulled

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