How are you changing the world?

Change the World!  Sounds intimidating, sounds difficult, sounds like a lot of work doesn't it?  Well it is not if you think about how we change the world everyday.  Graham Jones and Stephen Ibaraki starting up is a big project but they have help.  The work going on at the Kid's Help Phone is substantial, but there is plenty of help.  User groups running study groups takes time, but the results are immediate.  Even educationg yourself changes the world around you!

This got me thinking about all the ways we change the world everyday and got me curious.  How are you changing the world?  Do you volunteer your IT skills to a local charity?  Do you teach underpriveleged kids how to use PCs to give them help them be successful?  Email us, leave a comment, but let's see how easy it is to change the world!

As Steve Lamb says, "Change the world or go home!"

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