I’d Rather (not) Be Phishing!

Lately you've heard a lot about IE7 and Outlook and the anti-phishing capabilities.  Today I got an email that was not picked up as Spam, and included a phishing link.  Since the Spam filters didn't catch it I thought I'd see what happens when I clicked the link and was surprised that the phishing filter in IE7 didn't catch it.  This got me thinking on how to report this and after a little digging I found a few ways you can report a site you suspect is a phising site.

www.antiphishing.org/report_phishing.html - This is the Anti-Phishing Working Group website (of which Microsoft is a part of) that allows you to report suspicious sites.  You can also report websites through IE7 or the Windows Live Toolbar.  To report a phishing Web site using Windows Internet Explorer 7, go to the Tools menu, select Phishing Filter, and then click Report This Website. To report a phishing Web site from the Windows Live Toolbar, click the OneCare Advisor button on the toolbar and in the dialog box that appears, click Report this website as a phishing site.

Lastly, contact the bank for which the site is trying to phish for.  Most, if not all, of the major banks have online tools to help you report suspected phishing sites related to their bank holdings.

Comments (2)

  1. bill says:

    I checked out a phishing link for a bank in the states that my sister in law uses.  Since the phishing link was still up, I thought I would do them the courtesy of letting them know.  Unfortunately, in an attempt to absolutely minimize the amount of email customer service they have to do, they have made it pretty much impossible to email them – and the online forms are for customers only.  Rather than wait on the phone to talk to someone who wouldn’t know what I was talking about anyways, I just left it.  

  2. Ed says:

    The TD Bank has joined with Symantec in allowing clients to download and install Symantec’s Confidence Online free of charge. Interesting note that it doesn’t seem to be limited to TD customers. Hint. It will notify you if there is something phishy with the site.

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