[Podcast] Jeff Jones on Security and Vulnerability Analysis

Fear, uncertainty and doubt, aka FUD, we all know it, we all hear it and no one is immune to it.  Cutting through the FUD is often difficult and the information, although public, in most cases takes time to sift through.  One of the more prevalent arenas for the spreading of FUD in operating system security.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard that you shouldn't run Windows, and that OSX and/or Linux is more secure.  At the MVP Summit, I got a chance to sit down with Jeff Jones, the Director of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, about the analysis work he has been doing comparing the number of vulnerabilities between the major OS distributions.  Part of Jeff's job is to research all the vulns for the various OSes and compile the trends.  Imagine digging through all the security pages, errata pages, vuln sites etc....  Sound fun?  Jeff then posts this information on the Microsoft security blog as well as CSO Online.  Take a listen and then check out the links below for more detailed information.


Jeff is continually updating the stats and you can get the latest information from his blogs.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Un breve post per segnalarvi un interessante podcast (in inglese) di un collega canadese che intervista

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