Launch Tour Feedback Gets Results

If there is one message that we have heard from you following each stop of the Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office System, and Exchange Server 2007 Business Value Launch, it is your cry for a copy of the software so that you can play and become familiar with it.  Working in conjunction with the Product Managers, we are happy to say that we can now fulfill your request.  Everyone who attended a Launch 2007 event and submitted a completed evaluation form with their name and address will receive a complimentary Launch 2007 evaluation kit containing

·         A downloadable full copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007

·         A Microsoft Office Running Start CD

·         Resources and tools for evaluating Windows Vista

·         A Microsoft Partner Solution DVD


With the large number of people that attended Launch 2007 events, this process will take some time to roll out so please be patient.  Expect to see your package within the next 2 to 6 weeks.  Don’t forget that you can also download full recordings of each of the Launch 2007 sessions, as well as get links to additional resources by visiting the Launch 2007 post-event page at


If you have any questions (or just want to provide your feedback) please click on the EMail link at the top left of the blog.

Comments (17)

  1. Rob Dloing says:

    Too little to late!  I already had to buy copies but I’ll take the free one anyway, maybe I can eBay it 🙂  Hope you guys learned a lesson on this one.

    P.S.  I did love the launch event and love the new products too!

  2. Morgan Tiley says:


    This is great news! Unfortunately I have changed jobs since the event and would like to ensure I get my copy… Please let me know how I can get you my new information… Thanks!!

  3. paul says:

    When filling out the eval form I did not include my address, does this mean that I can not get a copy of the software?

  4. Henry Bosch says:

    Well, I guess the Small Biz edition I got for myself I’ll sell to a customer instead. Good thing I have not had time to open it!

    I always wondered how much weight those eval’s had.. Glad to know they work!

  5. Peter says:

    Not impressed that replying to the Canadian TechNet Flash Update generates this message from your Exchange Server:

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:<>

    The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.

  6. DamirB says:

    Click on the EMail link at the top left of the blog with your contact info and I’ll get it to the right people.  


  7. Terry Cameron says:

    Now in Vancouver there was two seperate buildings and evals. The tech event was held in the theater and business event was held in the hotel.

    Does it matter which eval form was returned?

    I was at the tech building for 95% of the day and filled out the eval. But with the business stuff I just went to check out the booths but did not submit the eval form for that.

  8. cristian_c10 says:


    What is unclear to me, from the wording "evaluation kit": Do we get a license for Office or just a trial version ?  



  9. Andre says:

    Good news, at last !

    When I received two invitations to download a trial copy of Office 2007, I really felt like a second class partner as my friends, across the border, who attended the Launch Tour in the US received a FREE copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 and Microsoft Office Groove 2007 (distributed as a downloadable file).

    Thanks for your work.

  10. Rodney Buike says:

    Peter, the Catnflsh email situation is being looked at.  It appears the address was the target of a spam blast and has approximately 20,000 emails in the inbox far surpassing the limits put in place by MSIT.

    Terry, no it does not matter which eval from which event.  They all qualify as long as it was submitted.

    Christian, it is a full copy of Office 2007 Professional, along with some other trials and materials.

  11. Bruce says:

    Does this include the User Group events?

  12. Chris Palmer says:

    Oh, thanks guys. The Launch tour never came to Halifax. I would have attended if you had come here.

    How about extending this offer to attendees of future Technet events, such as the Unify 2007 event in Halifax tomorrow? (with smaller events this evening?)

    That is, where the location (like Halifax) did not host this event.  

  13. Tania says:

    Would like to get a free copy mail out to:

    <address removed for privacy reasons> 

    Thanks for your time and help.


  14. lpersson says:


    This is very exciting!

    I am not sure what I entered for an address on my feedback form, but I have changed jobs since the event and would like to update my information if possible.  Please let me know how I can update this if needed.

    Thank you!!!

  15. Rodney Buike says:

    Please direct all address change requests to

    Bruce: User Group events were not part of our tour, they were held independantly with sponsorship from Culminus.


    Rodney Buike

    IT Pro Advisor

  16. Edward Letendre says:

    Just a quick question on the package we will be receiving soon.  Is there a way to find out if I will be receiving a package and if so can the package be tracked in anyway.  It has been 4 weeks and I had filled out an eval form at the event.  I put down my correct address but I would simply like to be able to see what is happening.

    Edward Letendre

  17. DamirB says:

    Edward, the packages are starting to go out now and should be arriving soon.  Don’t worry, you have not missed anything yet.

    If you want to ensure your info is correct, click on the email link at the top left of the blog page and send us an email with your contact info and we’ll pass it on to the appropriate folks to make sure you are on the list.


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