[Videocast] Windows Server Virtualization Preview

OK, now I am getting excited and I have to thank fellow IT Pro Advisor Arlindo Alves for finding this gem. 🙂  More and more of the "Internal - Microsoft Confidential" stuff we got to see at our recent technical training seminar is starting to become public and this is a biggie.  We've talked about it, you've read about it, how about a short video with Jeff Woolsey demoing Windows Server Virtualization?  Take a look at this video and check out some of the features of Windows Server Virtualization (aka Hypervisor) along with System Center Virtual Machine Manager.  The video shows an 8 core virtual machine running with 32-bit and 64-bit VMs on WSV with a Longhorn Server Core as the parent.  There is also a demo that shows the power of PowerShell and the hot add hardware/memory capabilities.

Video: Longhorn - Windows Server Virtualization

Oh yeah, the guy talking in the video, Jeff Woolsey?  Check out the podcast Rick and I recorded with him and remember, we have him scheduled for Energize IT '07 in June!

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