An MVP on SQL Server Clustering

I was in my "office" this afternoon catching up on some reading and as I flipped through the March edition of the TechNet Magazine a familiar face pops up.  Dr. Tom Moreau is a local (Toronto) MVP on SQL Server and he has written a really good article covering tips for clustering a set of SQL Servers.  I've met Tom a few times and always enjoy chatting with him.  You may have seen him on the stage at the Toronto Core i|o event back in October as well rescuing Rick and I from an audience members SQL question, or heard him in a Podcast on the MVP program.

If you are interested in SQL and SQL Server clustering you must read this article, but in case you are like me and know what SQL means but leave that to someone else to figure out there are some other really good articles as well.  Most notably is the second part of Mark Russinovich's series on the Windows Vista kernel.

Back to my desk.......

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