National User Group Tour and the Unify 2007 Tour Are Coming To A City Near You

In less than two weeks Ruth Morton and I will be heading out across the country on the Unify 2007 Tour.  This promises to be exciting and unique in that we are going to have an IT Pro and Dev on the same stage at the same time going through the process of building, deploying, and maintaining a web-based application.  This includes all the things that we as IT Pros have to deal with such as availability, scalability, managing, monitoring, and trying to figure out how to deploy a distributed application when the developers don't give you everything you need to do so and even fewer docs.  If you have been there and can relate, leave a comment on the blog as I'd love to hear your experiences and am may even give you something for sharing.

The National User Group tour that happens the night before the Unity 2007 event in each city is going to be in a "Chalk Talk" format - relaxed, highly interactive and somewhat freeform.  We will be covering the Microsoft Application Platform - what it is and how to implement, manage and monitor it.  Also we will look at what is coming in the "Longhorn" wave including IIS7.  Like I said, it is a free-form discussion so bring your questions and ideas and let's have fun!! 

Click on your city to register today:

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