[podcast] Chatting about Security with Kai Axford

This podcast was sitting in my "to be edited" folder on my machine. I met up with Kai Axford (Senior Security Strategist) on his Eastern Canada tour at the end of January / beginning of February trip up north.  I really like his style of engagement with telling it like it is in the realm of security.

This podcast part of an ongoing trial I'm conducting of podcasts where I have a recorder, ask a couple of questions and try to keep it under 15 minutes of relevant and interesting information for regular IT Pros. 

What's this topic? Security, UAC and piloting Vista with your mobile road warriors.  In case you didn't know, Kai has a beef with people (and vendors) recommending you turn of User Account Control because it is too much of a hassle. I can tell you I've heard that time and time again over the last couple of months, but I really don't believe it or recommend it in the slightest.

Here is the quick index for the podcast and the download link.'

00:00 - Intros
00:42 - Admits he had his first beaver tail and I clarify what one is.
01:22 - "Experts" advising you "Turn off UAC because security is a hassle for users".
03:36 - Security vs. usability argument
05:21 - How to put Vista into pilot/production with regards to security settings.
07:21 - Rolling out Vista with Bitlocker to mobile / road warriors
08:51 - Levels of UAC prompts and the control available to IT Pros and group policy
09:26 - Security prompts in IE 7
10:24 - What Kai was really doing in Ottawa

Link to Podcast (Length 11:48)

I hope you like it. I'll close with two more links. 

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    Again, please correct me if this recent report seems to be a bit self-serving. The jist of this report

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