[Guest Blogger] Who says that lightening doesn’t strike twice…

Graham Jones (Vancouver, BC, IT Pro and UserGroup Lead)

Hard Disk #2 has gone belly up!

I got this in the mail yesterday evening. I can't believe Graham's luck with hard drives and his second miraculous save by Vista Complete PC Backup process.

Graham - maybe you have to start thinking about either environmental factors or possibly user error with regards to the frequency of the failure rates? 🙂

Here's the email from Graham. I have to go backup my corporate Vista laptop now.


Somebody up there really doesn’t like me! A few days ago I wrote about a HD failure and how the Vista full Backup and Restore bailed me out. Well, yesterday morning I went to read my email as per normal and after a couple of minutes my PC froze. Just as I was contemplating the situation my screen suddenly went blue. No not the traditional BSOD but simply all blue. OK, so hard boot here we come. I get to the login screen, type my password and “I do not recognize your password. I have logged you on with a temporary account”. Hmmm. Temporary account – not really a lot of use since I needed my own user profile. Besides I couldn’t find anything obviously wrong! So, reboot and try and again! Same deal. Hmmm. Reboot and insert Vista DVD and restore to the last restore point (ie. previous midnight). Worked no problem! Ahhh. Relief. Short lived. After a couple of minutes it froze, blue screen, temporary account. It felt like the movie “Groundhog Day”.

Except this time I got a little more info. There was a message that suggested that part of my user profile might be corrupt in the registry. Aha! That could certainly explain a lot. But, what to do about it. I didn’t have an actual registry backup and besides the temporary account didn’t give me admin access even if I did. Hooped! Vista full Backup and Restore to the rescue again (cavalry music!). But hang on a minute. Why did the registry get corrupted in the first place? It was fine the night before when I went to bed. What has those little 1’s and 0’s been up to when I wasn’t watching?  Just maybe those HD demons had been at it again. Naw, couldn’t be. I just had a HD failure and replaced it with the HD that is the new system drive. What the heck, I might as well try and restore to the same drive. I am screwed anyway! Good theory but……multiple write errors. Those HD demons really had struck again. So I rushed out and bought a lottery ticket followed by a quick trip to the computer store, install new HD, restore from backup, up and running…..but lost 2 days work, mainly email. Could have been a lot worse! Who says that lightening doesn’t strike twice….sigh!

Graham J.

Comments (2)

  1. Bob Robinson says:

    Time to look at the Pulbic Beta for HOME Server.

    The automatic Backup daily would have produced even better results. Plus you get individual versioned file restores. Great for the HOME User that never does a Backup or Road Warrior that can’t get to the office for timely company backup support.

    Gotta check it out!


  2. Graham Jones says:

    Rick, user error indeed! And I thought that you were a friend of mine? We all need to remember about stats and what they represent. Good point, Bob. In fact I have been trying to pursuade myself to find time to install SBS R2. Besides it gives me an excuse to build another box but tell the wife that I said that :). If I build the box I might just give Home server a try. On the other hand I might need IIS for some web work.


    Graham J

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