Virtual PC 2007 is out!

A while back I worte a quick post on how to get Virtual PC/ Virtual Server 2005 R2 running on Vista.  One of the tools I mentioned was a beta version on Virtual PC 2007.  We'll it ain't beta no more!  Virtual PC 2007 was released today and offers the following improvements over the older version...

  • Hardware Virtualization (Intel VT, AMDV CPUs)
  • PXE Boot
  • Support for running Vista
  • Support for running on Vista (including x64 Vista)

The one other change was that if you have SA and are running Vista Enterprise Edition you are licensed to run up to 4 instances of Windows in Virtual PC 2007 without any additional licensing costs.  This makes it a great test/dev platform.  I have it running on my Dell Precision M90 (the one you may have seen on the launch tour) and it I love it.  Nothing quite like carrying a virtual infrasructure in your backpack.  But then maybe I am just a geek!

Go grab Virtual PC 2007 here!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Another day another release from Microsoft. Yesterday Microsoft released SQL 2005 SP2 and today it appears

  2. Mike O''Sullivan says:

    Does Virtual PC / Server have Direct X support for the Aero features?

  3. Hey Mike.

    The virtualized hardware for VPC 2007 and video is a Trio S3 video card with 8 megs of ram.

    It’s a non Areo compatible card. 🙂

    Rick Claus

    IT Pro Advisor.

  4. Rodney Buike says:

    Rick is right, but one very cool thing I discovered was if you RDP into a Vista Business, Enterprise or Ultimate VM from a different Vista PC that has Aero Glass enabled (Business, Enterprise, Home Premium or Ultimate), you can render the VM display locally and get Aero Glass on the VM.  Not sure if that makes sense, but I think you get the drift 🙂

    Rodney Buike

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