Back from internal training and jazzed about Windows Mobile 6

As you have heard, the team was in transit back from an internal training conference called TechReady. Tons of sessions and content on things like Longhorn server, Windows Server Virtualization and Windows Mobile 6.

I was catching up on my RSS feeds while I was stuck in Toronto due to some AirCanada scheduling issues and FAA transportation rules (what - pilots and aircrew need sleep between flights?)... My feeds were getting a bit large, but it left me with some good reading material while in the Air Canada lounge.

Eileen Brown's feed pointed me to Jason Langridge's blog who has a great post on Windows Mobile 6 that we are announcing at 3GSM in Barcelona today. I was about to craft up a post on WM6, but now I can just divert you to his post on features instead. To head off the questions on "Can I upgrade my device to WM6?" I'll reply here with - it depends on your carrier. I will be inquiring with my contacts at Bell, Telus and Rogers to see what their plans are - and I will post the results HERE.

I have to head out to a couple of meetings. Oh Yeah - I will also be posting the results of the comments and email contest for that TechNet backpack later today as well - stay tuned!

Rick Claus
IT Pro Advisor

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