Is there anybody out there? 48 Hrs left for comment contest

I just wanted to remind you of a post I made earlier in the month...

(here it is if you don't remember)

We're still looking for your feedback and comments around how we're doing with the blog AND I'm going to sweeten the pot by randomly choosing a winner from the pool of a dozen or so contributors for a TecNet backpack to carry your laptop and stuff!

Snazzy TechNet backpack

Your odds are good that you can win this puppy, so CONTRIBUTE, COMMENT and Send us your comments!

How do you participate?  Please comment this blog entry with your responses or use the Contact form found here.

  1. How are we doing? 
  2. What is your take on the Tags / Categories in use? Are they helpful or should they be trimmed down?
  3. What interests you more: Text, Audio Podcast or Video Podcast?
  4. What do you want to see MORE of?
  5. What do you want to see LESS of?

I want to thank the people who have commented so far. I kept one of my resolutions to be more responsive to my inbox and my blog comments.

Don't ask me about how I am doing slimming down. Let's just not go there, ok? 😉

Rick Claus, IT Pro Advisor
Microsoft Canada

Comments (10)

  1. Anonymous says:

    myITforum Daily Newsletter Daily Newsletter January 30, 2007 The newsletter is delivered

  2. Daniel Shapiro says:

    I LOVE IT!  I read it every day!

  3. Jeff Ewin says:

    Definitely a great resource for anyone in the IT industry!

  4. Jason Miller [MVP] says:

    Hi Rick!  

    I’m a satisfied customer!  It’s terrific that you and the other team members are taking the initiative to publish all kinds of valuable info here on the blog.  It’s an added bonus that some of the comments can spark conversation or discussion sometimes.  I’m glad that the RSS feed includes the comments, as I like to read the input from other IT Pros as much as the original posts.

    I enjoy From the Trenches, Your Solutions, Guest Bloggers (yeah, the Microsoft team is good too,…. but the guests ROCK), and it is fantastic to be able to keep abreast of what is happening in other cities, so the Communities section rounds out the stuff that I enjoy the most.  

    That said, I hope you all keep up the efforts.  I’d like to see more comments from the readers of the blog, and that’s only going to happen if you keep it up!



    p.s.: should my name be drawn for a prize here, I’ll see that it is raffled away at the next <a href="">WITPro</a&gt; Meeting!

  5. EricDenekamp says:

    Like all of the TechNet Blogs this is an interesting one. It is one I read nearly daily. every morning in Europe, I start with reading up my blogs and this is one that I regularly stick a little longer with. I like to read up instead of audio or video blogs.

    This gives my the opportunity to stop, make phonecalls and come back to the article I was reading.As an MCT in ITPro stuff, this blog is one of the sources of my information.

  6. Richele Moore says:

    I think you are doing great.

    The information found here is really good, quite informative and easy to read.

    I check every couple of days for new content to read.

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.


  7. Bert Tops says:

    I just discoverede this blog, but I’ll be back frequently. Can anybody suggest any good places for employment, I just retired from the Canadian Forces where I was A Network Admin for the Govt aand am now looking for civilian employment

  8. Matt Wheler says:

    I’ve been meaning to check out this blog since the "ready for a new day" release in balmy Saskatchewan but have not done so until today.  From my first impression, I think I’ll be checking back regularly.  Looks like you’re doing a fine job.



  9. John O says:

    Hey Bert,

    I spent 17 years in the military and found the experience wonderful to help get a job.  Where do you live and perhaps we can connect you to someone in that area.  there are lots of companies looking for good people.

    feel free to contact me directly @

    I would love to hear you story on the transition and I think others would too.  Breaking in from the Military is not always an easy task.  sometimes it hard to put in context some of the skills you’ve learned and how applicable they are to the industry.

    take care,


  10. Jose Pereira says:

    What makes Microsoft different is how you grow the community by directly allowing direct feedback shows, site, or products.  Tags are good, but how about more links and presentations?  How about a Voicecast? Create a .wav file, dial-a-number, and I tune in? Videocats are great too!  I would like to see more of open betas (maybe the next Windows) shared among the IT Pro communities.  

    You can e-mail me at

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