Seriously coooooool!

The day is near, January 30th is upon us and Vista and Office 2007 are set to be released to the public.  So what are we doing to celebrate the consumer launch?

Well if you are in the GTA area, come down to Dundas Sqaure (that is at Yonge and Dundas for recent imports like me) and check out the Digital Ice House.  Yes I said ICE House, as in a house made of ice, aka frozen water.  From 10:00am to 7:00pm on January 30th to February 3rd, you can visit the Digital Ice House and take part in consumer launch activities. 

All those cool things you wanted to see in Vista and Office but we couldn't show you with all our business related launch demos?  Well this is the place to see them.  You might even have a chance to win a copy of Vista Ultimate.

So why did we build an Ice House?  We wanted to do something fun and uniquely Canadian, that reflects our culture and our climate, which is why we built a modern digital ice house.  Windows Vista and the Office 2007 system are going to change computing forever and this ice house gives people the opportunity to see products in action and interact with them directly in a really ‘cool’ setting.

The Digital Ice House is roughly 1800 square feet made up of 270,000 lbs. of ice, which equals 900 x 300lbs of crystal clear ice blocks, and took 500 man hours of production / preparation, and 300 man hours to setup ice house.  It is a  It is also equal to:

1,507,072 teaspoons of water
907 cases of beer
385 Canadian moose
1125 5-minute showers
16,875 ice cubes

There are 510 keyboard keys in the Ice House and there are approximately 3200 MB of memory in the Ice House.

If you are in the area come down and check it out, have a hot chocolate on us and take a tour of the house.  If you are not in the area or cannot make it down, check back soon as I will have a video posted soon of a walkthrough of the house.

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