Search for a cause

We all search online, everyday, usually multiple times a day.  Now imagine if for every search you do, you could help some of the 9 million refugee children in the world?  Sound interesting?  Well than I challenge you use as your default search engine from now until March 31st.  For each search you do Microsoft will be contributing to, a UN Refugee Agency led campaign to raise awareness and funds for education and sport programs for refugee youth, many of whom are forced to spend years of their young lives away from home with little hope of returning.

Just think of all the searches done on a daily basis and then imagine the impact this can have on children around the world!  I challenge all the IT Pro's in Canada to bookmark the page and use it as your search engine, email your friends and family, add the gadget to your Live Spave or portal and let's help change the world!

Now which one of the Developer Advisors should I harrass to make a Vista Sidebar gadget to do this...............

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