GameCamp coming to Ottawa – I’m helping out!

As I was cleaning my inbox and catching up on RSS feeds (remember my new year resolutions here on the blog?), I noticed over on Canadian Developers that Carleton University will be the location of the next GameCamp on Saturday, January 27th.

I didn't make it down to Toronto to help our my team the first time the sold out event was held and I heard it had rave reviews.  After pinging Christian Beauclaire, looks like I can come on down and help out!

What! Rick code?!?!

Don't Worry. I am not trading in my Infrastructure hat to become a developer. Heck - I highly doubt I would be able to string enough code together to make a game that would work, yet alone anything that someone would want to play. You do have to admit - its a "WAY COOL" concept to be able to develop your own content and make it available on your (and others) xBox 360s!  But how easy could it really be?

Rick Claus
IT Pro Advisor

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