Regina IS Ready!

Wow!  -20C, 45Km/hr winds, snow and blowing snow, snow plow operators on strike and 300+ IT Pros and developers STILL made their way to the Regina Business Value Launch event!  We had people out from as far away as Medicine Hat, Weyburn and Saskatoon; it was really great to see everyone out!  I was also happy enough to announce the formation of the Regina IT Pro User Group.  As a reminder, if you have not registered for the user group mail list, keep an eye out on the website for information.  The first event will be in February at the new Micro Age learning center! 

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  1. Glenn MacDonald says:

    I have seen 2 posting on user groups and am interested in knowing if there is a website or list of user groups in the Durham/Kawatha lakes region of Ontario for IT pros? I know of a dot net user group which meets in Oshawa but would be more interested in the tech end of it all. Thanks

  2. Trevor says:

    I attended the Regina Launch event, and it was worth every second of my time.

    One question I have is, what make and model of external Hard Drives were you using on your laptops?  They were Blue and chrome I believe.

    Thanks for the great launch sessions.

  3. Hey Glenn,

    I’m not aware of any groups in that area at this point in time. Are you interested in starting one up? Drop me an email by using the "ask a question" button on the left to get in touch.

    Rick Claus

    IT Pro Advisor

  4. Hey Trevor,

    The external drive enclosures that we chose were NexStar 3’s. They have both eSATA and USB2 interfaces and house your choice of hard drives inside them. We chose 7200RPM eSATA 250 GB disks with 16 Meg cache.

    Our tests showed a significant increase in performance using the eSATA interface over USB 2. You should be able to pick up the enclosures at a computer hardware store near you. I think ours ran about $70 bucks without the drives.

    Rick Claus

    IT Pro Advisor

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