New Year – Resolutions and Information Request for YOU!

I hope all is well with you, your family and your extended "IT family" so far this year. How were your holidays? That is to say - if you had some to take or if you were actually able to take them... I didn't get any support calls or requests from anyone over the holidays (except from family members of course) and I stayed relatively faithful to not checking mail. I like the new Outlook 2007 Out of Office feature that allows you to set yourself out for a scheduled period of time - instead of a binary ON or OFF option. Almost looks like I started bright and early at 8 AM today. 🙂

My mail has been cleaned up (Inbox < 20). My electronic house is in order (don't ask me about my physical house - three kids under 5 with all the relatives means a lot of boxes and presents to organize) and I can turn the attention back to the team BLOG for a bit.

Rodney Buike has been doing a stellar job since joining the team at keeping new ideas and content flowing into the blog and IT Community. I particularly like the "From the Trenches" and "Your Solutions" Tags / Categories that he's invoked. They are a great way for us to share stories back to you that we've come across in our travels or from our contacts. You can participate in them as well by contacting us.

Damir Bersinic has been busy podcasting and doing Launch stuff lately. You'll see some posts from him sprinkled here and there over the last while with many more to come.

Myself? I've been lagging recently in posts while on the road. That should change going forward. I've been dabbling in some video podcasts around Launch activities using our SoapBox MSN video service just to see what they were like to produce. I'm trying to find a good blend of text, audio and video content for the blog and what is appropriate to be consumed by you - the reader / listener / watcher.

My resolutions for this year...

  • I resolve to be more responsive to peoples comments on the blog
  • I resolve to be more responsive in any emails I get
  • I resolve to keep my inbox and schedule under control
  • I resolve to get back in shape and shed some pounds I gained from touring last year. 

(I'll let the other team members post theirs if they like).

Speaking of which - I hope our newest Team Member should be posting soon enough. I've emailed the internal support alias to grant her author access to the blog - stay tuned for more details.

The main purpose of this email is to ask you a couple of questions. I figure it's about time as this blog is just over a year old (ish) now and our readership has grown substantially.  Please comment this blog entry with your responses or use the Contact form found here.

  1. How are we doing? 
  2. What is your take on the Tags / Categories in use? Are they helpful or should they be trimmed down?
  3. What interests you more: Text, Audio Podcast or Video Podcast?
  4. What do you want to see MORE of?
  5. What do you want to see LESS of?

That's it for now. In an effort to STIMULATE some responses to this - I'll sweeten the pot. From the comments received in the comment stream AND from any lengthier CONTACT comments, I'll randomly draw for a prize of a snazzy limited edition Microsoft TechNet BackPack from Heys that you've probably seen us use to lug our gear to and from events. Comments and Contact emails will be taken from a pool of entries from NOW until the end of January 2007. 

What does the pack look like?  It's awesome with great straps, padded SIDE laptop storage compartment, pockets and pouches including a multimedia access port.

Snazzy TechNet backpack

So get creative and give us a moment of your time. Give us some Constructive feedback and possibly win yourself a cool backpack to lug your stuff around.

Comments (7)

  1. Andrew Preece says:

    How are we doing?  

    – I’ve only recently subscribed to new posts, after attended the calgary new day launch. It was great to see “backstage” of the launch, and hear about other cities.

    What is your take on the Tags / Categories in use?

    I like them. it helps to keep a pretty decent signal-to-noise, especally when readed the backlogs.

    Are they helpful or should they be trimmed down?

    I think you’ve got a good mix of categories, but i use the tags a lot more.

    What interests you more: Text, Audio Podcast or Video Podcast?

    text. i read my RSS in outlook. at work. i like not having to open a whole new page or put on headphones.

    What do you want to see MORE of?

    more inside information. it’s nice to feel really in the loop with microsoft canada. the backstage stuff is really cool. it’s always nice to see the magic behind the scenes.

    What do you want to see LESS of?

    nothing really. i think that more is better. if i don’t like something, i can choose not to read it, whereas somebody else may think that it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread.

  2. Thanks Andrew for the nice comments. You will be entered into the draw for the limited edition TechNet laptop backpack.


  3. Anonymous says:

    As I was cleaning my inbox and catching up on RSS feeds (remember my new year resolutions here on the

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to remind you of a post I made earlier in the month… ( here it is if you don’t remember

  5. Al says:

    I prefer text so that I can browse the articles quickly via RSS. Podcasts are nice when speaking in general terms. Video is great for demonstration of a new procedure or a shortcut. Sometimes these items don’t translate well to text.

    If you’re looking for new things to cover – how about interoperability with existing Unix/Linux infrastructures using MIT Kerberos realms for authentication with regard to Microsoft applications like Sharepoint.

  6. Todd Lamothe says:

    How are we doing?  

    Good, I enjoy the content.

    What is your take on the Tags / Categories in use?

    I’ll be quite honest, I never look at the tags, I just check for new content and read it.

    What interests you more: Text, Audio Podcast or Video Podcast?

    For me, text as I read the RSS at work. I’d like the video podcasts more if I could figure out how to watch them from the comfort of the lazyboy on the TV.

    What do you want to see MORE of?

    From the trenches, your solutions. I like the fact community works together to help one another.

    What do you want to see LESS of?

    Nothing. just because it doesn’t pertain to me doesn’t mean someone won’t find it great.

  7. rddash says:

    Quite well, IMHO. I like the content in the blogs…it’s less ‘formal’, more like when we ( the great unwashed) actually do a face to face.

    Keep it going, just like it is..


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