Launch Tour Stats

The launch tour is on a holiday break after successful events in Vancouver and Victoria last week.  We had good turnout at the Vancouver event and the highlight of the day was the President of VANTUG, Graham Jones, up on stage during the keynote talking about the importance of the community.  Coming from a user group background I couldn't agree more with what he said, the community (that is YOU) is important, and a great way to learn and have fun doing it.

At the end of the day we sat back and looked at what it has taken to get this far.  Rick's earlier post covered the hardware, but what about all the behind the scenes stuff?  Well take a look at this list!  8 Cities so far and.....

21 Events
68 Partners
250 Demos
136 Booths
370 Crew Members
288 Flights
27 Football Fields of Aluminum Extrusion (?? What ??)
59 Screens (20" WS up to 14')
84 Wireless Microphones
290 Lights
2600 Feet of pipe and drape (aka curtains)
11 Tractor Trailers
10 Kilometers of Cabling
120,000 Pounds of Freight
183 Tablets of ColdFX
24 Cans of Red Bull
Too many bottles of water to count!
Too many beers to remember!

And most importantly

12229 attendees!!!!

And with three cities still to go in January these numbers will still grow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My colleague Rodney Buike (IT Pro Advisor) just posted some interesting stats for our 2007 Launch Tour

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