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As we deliver the Business Value Launch content to IT Pro's across Canada one slide that we show at the end of each session contains a list of links for more information.  Typically we have a post tour thank you page with all these resources but due to the holiday break, this page won't be available until mid-January when the tour wraps up.  I've seen a lot of attendees furiously scribbling down URLs at the end of each session and no doubt, with the dark lighting, and the less than ideal writing surface, a few 404s appear in your browser when you get home and try to decipher what you wrote.  I thought I'd make it easier and provide a list of all the links here!

Test Windows Vista and 2007 Office system for your organization

Download the free Business Desktop Deployment 2007 solution

Download the Exchange 2007 readiness checks

Leverage Windows PowerShell for automation

Install Exchange Server 2007 today

Visit the Exchange Team blog

Learn more about enterprise search

Download the SharePoint admin eval guide

Visit the SharePoint Team blog

Visit the SharePoint Community Page

Learn more about Network Access Protection

Deploy Exchange 2007 with Exchange Hosted Services or Forefront

Evaluate Microsoft Forefront Client Security for malware prevention

Test IE7 Security

Download the Enterprise Resource guide


Comments (3)

  1. Vojin Lekovic says:

    Password for MOSSBeta2v2 on provided DVD for Office Systems is not "P@ssw0rd"

  2. Rodney Buike says:

    Try P@ssword or pass@word1  🙂  Secure isn’t it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    After nearly two months traveling across Canada meeting over 13,500 IT Professionals, developers, technical

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