Launch 2007 – Ottawa – it’s a wrap. Victoria here we come.

5 sessions later - Barnaby and I on stage for the second time in two years, we delivered the content - Ottawa seemed to be pleased and we had a lot of fun.We're going to be going through the feedback and evaluation forms as well as comparing notes after talking with a number of you in the Community zone and partner fair area in the post event gathering.

How did we do?

What session or demo did you like?

What could we have done differently?

believe it or not - in our business, we crave feedback and validation. 🙂 use the comment options below this post to give us some suggestions on how to make it better.

Thanks for sticking around for this mini post series. I was hoping to be more interactive, but time constraints and Internet challenges at the venue prevented me posting this "more real time". I was planning to have more stuff from the perspective of being on the stage and working with the crowd - but technical difficulties prevented me from going in that direction.

What did you think of the concept? Something interesting to see again or in a different flavour?

Anyways... I am off to pack and catch a 8:25 AM flight to Victoria to do this pattern ALL OVER AGAIN. 🙂

Comments (4)

  1. Jaime Sastre says:

    Hi Rick

    Had a most excellent day, found that you guys were fast enough, to the point, realistic and still didn’t sweat it to much as it looked like you were having a great time. (Ok so maybe the Ottawa crowd did seem a little quiet, but then I hear hockey games around here are also)

    I was hoping :-(, for a nice full version of Vista and office 2007, like the time I went to the Win 95 tour :-), Ok that was then and this is now !!!

    Still had a grand old time, until my brother won that Dell TV !!!!

    Have a great tour.


  2. Jonathan McMillan says:

    Hey guys, great show in Ottawa, really enjoyed the "realism" in all the demos and it gave me new fuel for my virtualization test environment. I was wondering if the "4" videos were posted anywhere? I want to be able to show the others at my office that didn’t register in time to get into the event. Let me know

  3. Jeff Roberts says:

    Glad to hear it continues to go well – attended the Montreal event and it was awesome! Great job as always to the whole team…..

    Where can we get the slide decks for the presentations?

  4. Anthony in Calgary says:

    Hi – I am wondering what the name of the 3D Disk Rendering utility was that was used at the Calgary Launch event yesterday. It was used by one of your techs when demo’ing the BitLocker technology. I seem to recall it was diskscape? Do you have an URL?

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