Winnipeg IS ready!

In a continuing trend spreading across this nation, IT Pros are getting ready, ready for a new day!  Don't worry it is not contaigous, it is just the IT Pro Advisors taking the Business Value Launch tour across Canada.  Last week I was in Winnipeg and I am happy to say, Winnipeg is now ready.

The turnout was fantastic, in fact we had over 100 more people show up than expected.  Considering the fact that is was -27C the morning of the event (before factoring in the Windchill) turnout was great.  The community zone was a hit with the invited experts answering a slew of questions from attendees.  SBS expert Les Connor said to me that this was the most questions he's recieved at any of the events he has participated at in Winnipeg.

With only a few cities left the question that begs to be answered remains!  Are you ready?


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