Launch 2007 – Ottawa Site Walkthrough and Setup

After checking in at the office and meeting with various people, it was time to pack up and head down to the actual venue for the launch event here in Ottawa. It's the Ottawa Congress Centre.



I decided to take some video of what the venue looks like the day before as it is being setup by a whole army of individuals. I was due on site for 2:45 for a setup and trial of the hardware to ensure all was working for the next day. I have to apologize for the quality of the video - I had my still camera set for reduced size - so my bitrate and size was a little lower than expected. Have a look...

Video: Launch 2007 - Ottawa Site walkthrough

Setup was going fine - here is a shot of the presenters perspective on the 4 machines running the show. The two on the left (setup and running) run the bulk of the IT Pro track, while the two empty spots on the right are used for the keynote demos from Elliot and Michael - I'll show ya more tomorrow on their part.

Behind the scenes at Launch presenter desk

We were just about to leave to go to the Ottawa VIP Community event when I was finishing up the configuration of my handheld 6950 device from HP - and I forgot that I left the wipe policy on my mailbox - so I had to start all over AGAIN... Grrr.... Here's the shot of the local launch team having a chuckle at my expense.

Guys hanging out getting ready for launch in Ottawa

Mike prepping his keynote machine for tomorrow on the left, Barnaby at front left, me in the middle and Christian (dev track) on the far right.

Off to the VIP Community event!

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