Launch 2007 – Ottawa Gear checkup and walkthrough

I thought it would be interesting to share the technology that goes on behind the scenes as well as the schedule that we keep while on the road for this large Launch event.

Gear Prep

This morning I laid out all the gear, checked all the cables and verified I wasn't missing anything in order to get ready for the Setup and Dry-Run taking place later this afternoon. Here is a smattering of devices and things that make up 1/2 of the stuff we carry for a 2 member IT Pro track team and yes - it fits in two bags that qualify for Carry-On luggage. can you spot all the pieces? 

  • 3 mice

  • 2 Microsoft Presenter 3000 clicker

  • 1 NexStar 300GB 7200 RPM eSATA drive

  • 1 eSATA II ExpressCard from SIIG

  • 2 eSATA cables

  • 1 iomega 250 GB USB2 7200 HardDrive

  • 1 DLINK Gamer Lounge 4 port 100Gb router

  • 1 Bell Provided Palm Treo 700W

  • 1 M-Audio MicroTrack Podcasting recorder

  • 1 Bell UTStarComm 6700 phone

  • 1 HP provided 6950 GSM based mobile 5 phone (Rogers provided SIM)

  • 1 Bell Motorola Q

  • 1 Dell Precision M90 (4 GB ram, 3 Ghz processor, 100 GB 7200 RPM HD)

    • Dual booting Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 and Vista RTM 

  • 1 Toshiba M7 tablet (my corporate machine)

    • Bitlocker protected with integrated TPM 1.2 chip

  • plenty of Misc Cables and chargers

  • 1 mini-SD card in GB in size for handheld devices

We carry all this stuff both either for performance (external eSATA drive) or redundancy (backup images on the ISB iomega drive) and share the load with the other team member assigned to the city.

I am off to the office for my regular part of the job - meetings and discussion with an account team followed by a lunch meeting with my extended TechNet team.

Then off to meet up with my partner in crime Barnaby Jeans for our setup and technical dry run at the Ottawa Congress Centre.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Business Value Launch event was held in Calgary and we had some fun, so much so that a little power

  2. Anonymous says:

    After nearly two months traveling across Canada meeting over 13,500 IT Professionals, developers, technical

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