What a Launch, what a week! Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007

Man - what a week! Light on the blog posting material? Where have we been? In case you were sleeping under a ROCK someplace, Microsoft Canada is currently full swing in our Business Value launch for Microsoft Office 2007, Windows Vista and Exchange 2007.  Let me recap some chronology for ya...

Rodney and Damir kicked it off in Edmonton on November 27th - Rod documented the opening post here...

I drove down to Toronto with Family in tow for last Friday's IT Pro rehearsal - you can see the mess of cables and my balding head on the left in this flattering post and photo here... The whole team (developer and infrastructure) were in town to prepare for the biggest Canadian launch event in Microsoft's history taking place last Tuesday the 5th of December.

Speaking of the Toronto event - here are some pictures from both Barnaby Jeans and Mark Relph (my bosses boss) of the Toronto event.


(Barnaby) crowd, dual row of screens and 4800 of my closest IT Pro, Developer and miscellaneous attendees at the Toronto Launch 2007 event.


You saw the war room photo? This is a small portion of some of the AV technical stuff that runs the 6 main screens at the front as well as the 2 rows of hanging screens throughout the main venue.

Screens or seats anyone?


Me - checking out the reception of a couple of my mobile devices in the venue. Session 5 (I own / presented the content) is one of the demos that have a lot of connectivity dependencies I thought I would check things a couple of times over to ensure things were happy.

How was it? AWESOME! When else do I get a chance to present in front of so many people?


(me with a Janet Jackson mic)

Where else can I walk around and talk to IT Pros in the Community Zone on such a LARGE scale? The Toronto "TechNet tours" generally draw in a large number, but no where near this many. I ran into people I hadn't seen in years from when I lived in Toronto! I also ran into people who flew up from the East Coast or from out west - just to be a part of the big day. Lots of NEW friends and faces who will hopefully stay connected to the blogs and to our events! 


But wait - this was only launch day? We had a whole setup session and dry run the Monday before.  A Community VIP event Monday Evening at the "beer markt" with 90 ish IT and Dev UG members and influential community members. Post event drinks and schmoozing at the partner fair after Launch, then grab a few winks of sleep and travel to Montreal for Wednesday and repeat.

Can you guess I am a little tired?

Wednesday our teams split up - Barnaby and I were in Montreal... Damir and Rodney were out west in Winnipeg. Montreal was another stellar event!  It was the first time Barnaby and I were on stage together since we both started working for Microsoft. It was also the first time we had OUR copy of the hardware setup up and running on stage instead of D&R's kit. Like the Toronto schedule, we had setup and dry run Wednesday afternoon, another great Community VIP event at Hurleys with 70 community members, and then Launch 2007 Montreal style. Hey - we even got inspected (and passed) by the Language Police.

I don't have any pictures to share just yet - Barnaby hasn't posted any of them and my wife took the camera.

How big was Montreal? I'd have to estimate over 2400 - more number details as I find them out.  Montreal is Always one of my favorite cities to present in - I love the people and their passion. It also kept me on my toes - troubleshooting live a connectivity issue that was slightly delaying session 3 demos for Barnaby. It all worked out in the end - everyone was VERY jazzed up about the products, the event and the near perfect success for all of the demos.

So now what? OTTAWA. similar schedule as previously mentioned - but I get to sleep in my own bed. 🙂

Want to know what it's like from a presenters perspective on the tour? I'll be documenting and blogging the process for the entire Ottawa session LIVE as it happens next week.

Stay tuned!

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  1. djgabriel22 says:

    Welcome to Ready for a New Day

    Wanderfoul the product and I hope you have a fun time celebrating RTM during attending Microsoft Roadshow "Ready for a New Day" – Microsoft’s Launch of Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 events in Romania!!

    Office 2007, Vista and  Exchange Server 2007 is ready.


  2. Barnaby_Jeans says:


    Here are the Montreal photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/barnaby_jeans/sets/72157594414181972/


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