Guest Blogger – When in doubt call PSS!

Dave Lewis (Oshawa, Ontario - IT Pro)

Windows Server 2003 R2, PMC and PSS

An IT Pro in Oshawa Ontario wanted to share an experience he had with Product Support Services recently.  I encouraged him to do so as all to often we let things get in the way of solving an issue.  It is OK to call support, I've done it and it was an enjoyable experience everytime!  Best of all, they always had a solution to the issue I was experiencing.


Rodney by calling MS Support we have found the answer as to why the R2 PMC was not sending out emails based on the filters I made.

When I called I spoke first to Christian who open the case for me case before I was transfer to Rajiv how was my main contact.  We spoke to Sanjay in R2 support.  We ran netmon and I sent him my capture files too look at and he could see data being sent to the local exchange box but nothing after that.

The next day Rajiv called me back and we had a conference call with Nadeem from the Exchange team.  We also ran netmon and from a LiveMeeting session we looked at the capture files where he discovered that the PMC was trying to authenticate before sending the email through Exchange.  We turned off basic auth and the PMC was then able to forward emails.  Nadeem is going to investigate why PMC was trying to authenticate however it is working fine now.

My overall experience with the support like was great.  Everyone that helped was really knowledgeable and eager to help me.  Rajiv was probably the best tech support agent I have had on the phone and was willing to do everything to get this fixed, which he did.


Dave Lewis is a Senior Technician with Conpute a Solution Services Company helping organizations use Information Technology to cut costs, increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction located in the Oshawa, Ontario.  Dave has been in the industry for 6 years starting out as a hardware technician after graduating from Durham College.  As the senior technician he handles the SMB accounts and works with SQL, Exchange, Active Directory and WSUS on a regular basis.

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