PowerShell has been released to web!

It has been a long beta, but PowerShell was released to web yesterday.  Many people still ask what PowerShell is and the official answer is "Windows PowerShell is Microsoft's new command-line shell and scripting language designed specifically to improve the manageability of Windows and products running on Windows such as Exchange Server 2007."  If you have been using the Exchange 2007 beta you probably already have used the Exchange Management Shell, but PowerShell is more than just an Exchange 2007 management tool.  There are a lot of management tasks you can simplify with PowerShell, which if you attended the Core I|O Tour '06 and remember the IO scale, will help take you to the next level.  

There are some great resources already available to get you going with PowerShell.  First and foremost is the TechNet Script Center which recently wrapped up PowerShell week and also has a repository of scripts to help you on your way.  There is also the Powershell team blog  and a webcast with Powershell Technical Lead Bruce Payette you can watch or dive right in and download the appropriate version for your operating system and start simplifying scripting today!


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    I was just catching up on my reading on the CanITPro blog and noticed a couple of interesting posts from

  2. Anonymous says:

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