Sysinternals tools now on TechNet

A few months ago Microsoft bought Winternals/Sysinternals and brought Mark Russinovich and all the other talented people into the fold.  One question that was asked over and over was "What about the free Sysinternals tools?".  Those tools have been available from the Sysinternals site and they are now available, in a complete single suite of all the tools on TechNet.

The Sysinternals blog has also moved to a TechNet property so you can still keep up to date with the work that continues on those free tools

One of the new tools I urge you to check out is Process Monitor which is a new tool that combines RegMon, FileMon, and parts of PSList and Process Explorer.  It is a really great tool that all IT Pros should have in their toolkit.  I used them all their previous individual form but love the integration and ease of use of the new tool.


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