Core I|O Audience Feedback

Well the Core I|O Tour has been over for a bit now and the team has been going through all those feedback forms we ask you to fill out.  Yeah, we actually read them!  Better yet we even respond to some of them!  Whodathunkit.  After reading the comments a lot of you left behind we learned a few things.  Grant L. and Jimmy T. both made the suggestion that we should provide a printout of the reference network diagram with the agenda so the audience has something to refer to as we switch between virtual machines in our demos.  This is a FANTASTIC idea, I wish I had thought of it!  You can be sure we will be implementing this in upcoming tours.

We heard from some people that some of the PowerPoint slides were hard to read and we have taken that information and are working to ensure our color schemes are easier on the eyes.  We have also taken the feedback you left on a number of other things and are working to incorporate those ideas and suggestions into future events!

So next time we get a feedback form at one of our events, be sure to fill it out and leave comments.  It is worth more than just the goody bag!

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