Virtualization Licensing and Media Part Numbers

A while back I posted about the licensing changes around Virtual Server 2005 R2 and Windows Server 2003 R2 EE and DE. During the Core I|O Tour '06 this was something we mentioned a lot as well.  As a refresher, if you buy Windows Server 2003 R2 EE you get 4 virutal machine OS licenses included with the package, for DE you get unlimited VM OS licenses.  As part of this, you can run any version of Windows 2003 (RTM, SP1, R2) of any edition (Web, Standard, Enterprise) all you need to aquire is the install media for the Web and Standard editions. 

Mark Seniow of SM Solutions in Richmond Hill recently went through the process of aquiring the install media and wanted to share the part numbers to make it easier for you to get it, if the need arises.

  • Windows server 2003 R2: P73-01780

  • Windows server 2003 SP1: P73-01313 

  • Windows server 2003 web server: P70-00025 

  • Windows server 2003 Web server SP1: P70-00204

With the part number and about $35 for the cost of the media, you are set to install whichever version and/or edition of Windows Server 2003 in your virtual environment! 


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