A GUI for Robocopy

Robocopy is one of my top ten tools I have been using for years.  I often recommend it to people asking how to migrate fileservers, copy files over the network, pretty much anytime you need to copy more than a few files.  Now robocopy is pretty powerful but it is a command line tool and there are still a lot of people who prefer the point and click ease of the GUI.  Well now Robocopy has a GUI!  You can download Robocopy GUI here!


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  1. I am still way more of a command line kind of guy…

    Here’s a cool thing… did you know that Robocopy is included with Vista (or at least as been in the beta and RC builds) and doesn’t require an extra install for the command line?


    Rick – Command Line Guy

  2. Chrsta says:

    An excellent addition to the toolkit. Rodney, as an upcoming junior ‘sysadmin’, i’d be particularly interested to know what the other tools in your top ten are. Perhaps I can even recommend some of them to a few of the ‘senior’ admins at the company I work. And then they can go get ME a coffee for once!! 🙂

  3. Brent says:

    If you run robocopy on a folder that a user has taken admin security priv off of – it will not back up.  Is there a way around it?

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