What the heck is Powershell?

I have been asking people lately if they have tried, or if they are using Powershell.  Far too often I hear the response "What the heck is Powershell?" Well if that is you, I have some resources for you.  You may want to take a peek as PowerShell is the CLI enviroment you can use to manage Exchange 2007, but you will see a lot more products support it in the future! 

Drill down into Windows PowerShell: An interview with Jeffrey Snover

In this episode of TechNet Radio Kevin Remde interviews Jeffrey Snover, the software architect responsible for Windows PowerShell. Jeffrey drills down into PowerShell, enlightening you with all you need to know, whether you are a veteran programmer or just getting started.

Scripting with Windows PowerShell: An interview with Vivek Sharma & Mihai Jalobeanu

Kevin Remde interviews a Program Manager and Dev Lead from the Exchange team working on Windows Powershell, AKA Monad, a command line shell and task-based scripting technology. They explain how Powershell dramatically simplifies command line management and why Powershell provides a greater experience for the Administrator.

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I couldn't write <insert programming language here> code to save my life.  The thing I LOVE about PowerShell is that I don't need to, it is so simple. Verb-noun cmdlets such as Get-Mailboxes to list all mailboxes, I mean how simple is that.  You do it through the GUI and I'll use PowerShell and I'll be half way through my first beer at the pub by the time you are done 🙂

Now that is not to say it isn't powerful (it is called POWERShell afterall) so if you do have a little/lot of development mojo you can take it even further.  I would love to hear from those who are using PowerShell, whether you are just starting, or if you have some serious PowerShell skills.


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