Windows OneCare V1.5 Beta open to CANADA

I got asked this question a lot since the first early betas for OneCare - why isn't the 1.0 final product available to Canadian Subscribers? Humm.... I still don't have the answer to that one, but I can at least distract you with this belated announcement that surfaced in my email cleanup tasks while on the road last week...

OneCare V1.5 Beta is now open to Canada (and other non US countries). You can sign up here by giving us your contact email address and by following some simple instructions.

I've been running an internal beta of V1.5 for a while now on my RC1 / RC2 based Vista Ultimate machine at home. It's slick!

Go out there and get all your personal "support cases" involved and use this product. I've signed up my in-laws in Ottawa and PEI who were in need of a single holistic solution.

Some verbiage from the press release....

What is Windows Live OneCare?
An all-in-one PC care service that’s always on, helping provide persistent protection against viruses, hackers, and other threats, and helping keep your PC tuned up and your important documents backed up.

What Windows Live OneCare does for you?

  • Runs quietly in the background, providing anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection
  • Activates Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7 to help block or warn against identity theft or online scams
  • Updates itself to help you keep ahead of the latest threats 
  • Runs regular tune-ups to help optimize the performance of your PC
  • Provides one-click resolutions for any actions that you may need to take
  • Makes backups to a variety of devices a breeze 
  • Lets you see the status of your system at a glance

When will the product be released?
Windows Live OneCare (v1.5) will be released in 17 countries (including Canada) around the same time as Windows Vista.

How can I provide feedback or file bugs?
You can access the feedback and bug submission form by visiting the Feedback site.

Where can I learn more about the Windows Live OneCare Beta (v1.5)?
Please visit

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