Dual-booting Vista and Linux with BitLocker

Interoperability is key today and I have always said the right tool for the right job.  At the same time, security is big on everyone's mind.  BitLocker is one of those security tools that is a key feature in Vista.  Trying to dual boot Vista and Linux WHILE using BitLocker has been a challenge there is help!  Cyril Voisin, Security Advisor for Microsoft in France, has written a great how to on his blog on how to dual boot Vista and Linux while using BitLocker.  If you are dual booting Vista and Linux, have a BitLocker capable notebook give it a go.

"The Web is full of explanations on how to dual boot Windows and Linux using a Linux boot manager like GRUB or LILO. If you want to dual boot Windows Vista and Linux using Windows Vista’s Boot Manager, please read on. I will assume that you already have installed Linux on your machine using GRUB as your boot loader."

If you want to read the whole article, check it out here!


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