IT Pros DO Innovate!

One thing I struggled with as an IT Pro was do we, or don't we innovate.  I came from the camp that said "we don't innovate, we deploy and manage" and for a long time I agreed with that.  The problem with that frame of mind is that what we deploy and manage, how it impacts our users, and the ways we deploy and manage is where the innovation occurs.  There are a large number of individuals who are coming up with innovative solutions to problems impacting their enviroment everyday and to congratulate them we have launched the TechNet Innovation Award 2006.  If you, or someone you know, have come up with an innovative solution to a problem affecting your organization using Microsoft-based technologies I encourage you to nominate that person.  Yes you can, and I even encourage you to nominate yourself.

So what happens after the nomination?  Well a crack team of Microsoft employees will evaluate the submissions and narrow the list down to a top five.  From there we throw it back out to you, the IT Pro community, to vote on which solution you think is the most innovative.  The runner ups get a backpack stuffed with a MS Press book, Microsoft Mouse and Streets and Tips 2006 with GPS Locator.  What about the winner?  Well if you like the hardware we take on tour with us you are in luck as the winner will receive the latest and greatest Dell Inspiron XPS notebook, the same kind we take on tour albeit the newest model.  It will come loaded with Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, Office 2007 and also includes $500 cash and a $250 donation in your name to the Children’s Miracle Network.

So why are you still reading this blog post?  Go nominate someone now!  Nominations are accepted until October 31st and voting will begin on November 22nd and continue to December 31st with the winners being announced in January 2007!


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