IO Tour ’06 – DPM 2006 Version 2 Beta 1 Available!

Well I am home after week one of the IO Tour '06.  While Rick was out east, Bruce and I were in Edmonton and Calgary.  In a nutshell, we had a blast!!  This was my first tour as a member of the TechNet team.  If the rest of them are half as fun, I am in for a great ride!  Big thank you to Edmonton and Calgary for welcoming me.  Also a big thank you to Calgary for not laughing when I almost fell off the stage 🙂

While we were there we visited the Edmonton IT Pro User Group and the Calgary IT Pro User Group as well.  The User Group meetings were incredible and the chalk talk type enviroment was great.  It was so cool seeing everyone participating, sharing ideas and getting answers to their questions.  I am going top push this format and hope we can do it again in the future.

As a follow-up to the IO Tour '06 sessions one thing that we go a signifigant amount of questions on was Data Protection Manager 2006.  While we were away the newest version was released into beta, DPM 2006 v2, and it includes the following upgrades:

  • Restore from disk or tape

  • Support for Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint

  • New replication technology that allows for zero-loss, continuous backups

  • New technology that reduces I/O

I can't tell you how many questions we had on DPM, especially along the lines of using it to backup Exchange and SQL.  SQL 2005 SP1 was supported due to the fact that it supports Volume Shadow Copy.  It is great to see this expanded to include the other products.

Next week I am off to Vancouver (Oct 3rd) and Winnipeg (Oct 5th) before we wrap up on the 17th in Toronto.  If you haven't registered for these events yet you still can.  Head over to  If you can show up, come down and say hello.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Core i|o Tour ’06 has come to an end. Rick took the tour East visiting Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa,

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